So I know already have messed up when it comes to blogging every day this year but it’s been a hectic passed couple of days.

My grandmother fell on Christmas eve and had an appointment two days ago where they decided she needed a cast for leg so my mom and I have partnered up in cleaning, cooking, and taking care of her. So my mom helps me out tons but that’s when she isn’t at a meeting, helping the fellow addict, or somewhere else trying to surround herself with positive people and energy.


Plus the kids (my bro and sis) went back to school this week so it has been extra hard getting them up in the morning and doing homework in the evening.

During this time I have also decided to go on a “diet” (ugh I truly hate that word but what else do you call eating healthier and working out in the hopes of losing weight) oh well. So far it has been going great.. Yesterday I made this delicious chicken crusted parmesan that I cut up  into strips and then put on a salad with a basic olive oil and vinegar dressing it was so good.. and then tonight while I made this chicken from last night for everyone else I had a plain white chicken breast with just some lemon juice and Mrs. Dash to season it cut up with cheese tortellini (YUMMY) and for a side we all had mashed cauliflower and for someone that has always had a hard time eating veggies it was pretty good. Anyways enough of what I’ve been eating.. I’m hoping now that everything is calming down and I’ve worked out a schedule that I’ll be able to blog at least once a day.

Well wish me luck fellow bloggers. Hey if any of you have food/snack ideas that you think I should try let me know. 😀



Whoever said that college was different than high school was full of shit..

I mean sure there is more freedom

You’re not gonna get in trouble if you skip class or don’t do your work.

But as far as socializing go it’s the same bullshit

People buddy up as soon as they get the chance

And once that relationship is established 

well you can forget trying to infiltrate

unless of course you manage to catch the attention of someone of importance

Other than that you can either keep trying to find that group you will finally belong to

Or? you can embrace the loner status.. 

It’s not as bad as you would think

I mean there is no one to distract you when you

are studying


watching a movie

listening to music

or trying to nap

But of course it is all a cover from feeling the true rejection of an entire college student body.

Oh well i’ve made it through 5 different high schools i’m sure i can make it through one single community college.. plus this is just one semester…

OH well off to watch the losers that are too insecure to be alone.. 

ha i’m really good at this whole bitter grapes deal.